Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nutritarian Incubator Cell #1

This last week I gave my first public presentation on nutritarian eating, to about twenty folks at an "Empty Nesters" pot luck dinner in Salt Lake. This group of adults meets monthly in the neighborhood where we took care of my father.

And what a wonderful group to learn from and practice with. We knew almost everyone there as friends, and they seemed both interested and appreciative. We were also able to say goodbye to the great group of people they represented, the Little Cottonwood 1st Ward of the LDS Church, and hope we stay in touch.

And the next presentation will be better as a result.

The purpose was to firm up my own understanding and explanation skills, connect with a bunch of people I care about, and establish some goals central to the purpose of this blog, The End Of Disease. It took me a couple of days of thinking about it to develop this further.

Of course I want to learn and spread the good news of what's possible, really my central purpose here. So how best to do that?

A monthly dinner club, with a focus on preparing, practicing and sharing nutritrian foods, has possibilities. To be able to gather, reinforce and learn from people with a similar focus is very appealing to me.

So here's an outline for how this might work:
  • A charter stating the purpose and how we'll go about this, to be developed as group wisdom and experience dictates. Goals for a convivial group, a format for a warm, supportive learning environment, and a program to teach and learn from each other would be elements of such a charter.
  • Monthly dinners on a recurring day and time, say the Saturday afternoon or evening preceding the last Sunday of the month.
  • As we are an incubator for nutritarians, we also seek to spawn new groups, which might also seek to grow and spin off new groups. Some specific incentives for doing this could be possible.
  • The means of organizing, communicating and reinforcing what we're doing could well be through some social media outlet, or by using a specific tool such as through
When I attending the 1-day Intensive Seminar by Dr. Fuhrman in Seattle this last spring, he spoke about a nutritarian Meetup group in Seattle. One thing they do I don't want to duplicate is not allowing any foods with animal products (nutritarian eating is not vegan, but vegans can be nutritarians, and way healthier!), and it seems they tend to meet a local restaurants (too few in my area with a vegetarian emphasis to make this work).

So I will try this as I continue to search for avenues of communicating the power of nutritarian health.

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  1. Hi! I just saw your post. Did you ever set up a nutritarian dinner group? I live in Provo and have been looking for a community of likeminded people to connect with. I would love to get involved! Email me at brigham dot geurts at


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